The Roaring Twenties

Can you believe the Roaring Twenties all started a century ago?
For us, the Roaring Twenties evokes images of model T's on the streets, exuberant flappers dancing with wild abandon to the Charleston, and couples swinging their way through the Foxtrot.  We imagine a free-wheeling and flamboyant period, and have tried to evoke memories of that period with our Art Deco collection.
Each piece in our Art Deco collection is named after the dance that inspired the piece...they really are the cat's meow.
The Rumba earrings, pictured above, were inspired by the light and breezy box step of the dance. 
The Foxtrot was known for its smooth elegance and versatility, which inspired our earrings of the same name.
The Lindy inspired our necklace of the same name.  It was a dance that lived in the moment, flowed with its music and was unabashedly joyful. It was a dance where the two partners maintained a smooth, gentle connection to one another.  It's what inspired our necklace.
The Charleston, which inspired our necklaces and earrings of the same name, was a dance with an irresistible rhythm. It was danced by people in all walks of life, and became a symbol of the freewheeling flapper who rejected social constraints to pursue adventure, excitement and happiness.

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