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🌟 The Spark of Inspiration 🌟

My journey into the realm of jewellery making began when I stumbled upon an unexpected discovery - chain maille jewellery. Yet my heart yearned to create pieces that were beyond my skills.

Determined to give life to my visions, I set off on a journey of learning and earning a diploma in Jewellery and Metals, followed by a year of post-graduate studies in the art of Goldsmithing, all at the esteemed Georgian College.

🌟 The Birth of Calithien Jewellery 🌟

In the year 2016, Calithien Jewellery came into being.  As the years have woven the tapestry, the picture has changed but the values behind it remain unaltered:

Jewellery should be comfortable.

Crafted to Endure


Imagination Shapes the Design

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