Why settle for boring, mass-produced jewellery?

You are a magical creature. What you choose to wear should reflect the enchanting story that you're living.

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Each timeless, hand crafted piece is filled with whimsy. You will feel extraordinary wearing this jewellery.

Be entrancing

Create a magical world for yourself, and invest in things

that call to the enchanting creature within.

Too often in our fast-paced world, those who love mysteries and magic are
forgotten or ignored.  What we choose to
adorn ourselves should inspire the imagination within us, and bring to life
that wonderful world we see inside our heads.

Jewellery helps bring that enchantment to life.  Our whimsical, and often nature-inspired,
pieces are made with care, using high quality, responsibly sourced materials.  We want, you, our customer to feel wonderfully
entrancing and truly enjoy expressing your own creativity.

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3. Enjoy wearing whimsical, meticulously crafted jewellery that's made to

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Meet Stephanie

Art is where magic comes alive

That's why I create whimsical and nature-inspired jewellery - so you can carry a piece of your own wonderfully enchanted world with you, wherever your next adventure leads.

I am a designer, goldsmith and creative thinker with a diploma in Jewellery and Metals, as well as a post grad diploma in Goldsmithing.

Art brings to life the glittering world inside our imaginations, and I am delighted when my work becomes a source of enchantment and joy for my clients.

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