Nature Inspired Jewellery

I’m Stephanie – the founder, owner, designer and goldsmith here at Calithien. We're a small, family-run, fine jewellery brand with a whimsical, nature-loving flair, nestled on the edge of cottage country in beautiful southern Ontario.

Our surroundings may be idyllic – think towering trees, birdsong and sparkling water – but we are busy as bees creating a customer-focused experience around our imaginative collections. 

It is my goal to produce skillfully designed and expertly-crafted pieces that resonate with you and speak to the moments in your life that matter.

Your satisfaction, and the huge smile on your face, when you receive the piece that I made just for you, is the best reward we could ask for. 

We love it when customers come back and tell us that the piece they bought the previous year is their new favourite - they wear it everywhere.

Handmade by our resident goldsmith

Each heirloom-worthy piece is individually handmade by me, our resident goldsmith, with great attention paid to ensure to every detail. 

We use natural or lab-grown gemstones and combine them with the highest quality precious metals. 

I utilize both modern and traditional goldsmithing techniques and often create using one of my signature technique – backless inlay.

Here at Calithien, we want you to be able to feel the power and beauty inherent in natural gemstones. I designed my signature backless inlay to leave the gemstone visible on both the front and back.  The natural patterns and colour variations within the gemstone makes each piece a magical work of wearable art.

When inspiration arrives

The majority of my pieces are inspired by nature.  Inspiration can strike when hiking down a forest trail, kayaking on a lake, watching snowflakes drift from the sky or in a thousand other places.  Some of my pieces have been inspired by a comment from a friend, while others, such as our Art Deco collection, were inspired by a romantic view of the past.

Each piece is a look at life through imaginative, magical glasses – revealing wonders and beauty that were just hidden, not lost.

Our initiatives to help protect and preserve nature 

As you can imagine, the preservation and protection of our natural world is important to us.  We do what we can to help that cause:

We only use recycled or responsibly sourced precious metals.

Only natural or lab-grown gemstones that are sourced within Canada or the US are used in our designs. 

Lab-grown gemstones are REAL gemstones, gemologically, chemical and physically identical to their mined counterparts, but lab-grown stones are the eco-friendly choice.

Whenever possible we use non-toxic products during the production process of our jewellery, as well as recyclable packaging and materials.  It’s better for us, and better for the planet.

We also donate a portion of each sale to One Tree Planted, to help restore the forest canopy and preserve wildlife habitat.

 Meet our designer and goldsmith


“What if I fail?

Yeah…but what if you fly?” – Ashlyn Carter

Stephanie Odell is a jewellery designer, goldsmith and creative thinker with a passion for making whimsical wonders of wearable art from precious metals and gemstones.

The above quote is one of her favourites, and quietly sums up her approach when inspired by bold new designs.  That sentiment helped design many of her signature pieces – her backless inlay technique, as well as complex, fanciful pieces like her Ursa Major Necklace.

Stephanie spent 3 years at Georgian College (2 in Jewellery and Metalsmithing plus a post grad year in Goldsmithing), then a further three years working in the industry refining her skills.  While in school, she graduated with honours, and received several awards, such as:

  • Jewellery and Metals Academic Gold Medal
  • Melanie Ollikainen Memorial Award
  • Bulova Watch Co., Kathy Smellie Memorial Award for Academic Excellence

Now, she can be found in her studio, meticulously crafting jewellery and dreaming up wonderful new designs. 

When she’s not in her studio or meeting you at art shows, Stephanie is with her horses, hiking, or broadening her knowledge to continue to improve her skills and serve you better.


We are firm believers in supporting small businesses.  Which is why we always do our best to purchase our materials and tools from small businesses in Canada and the US.

Thanks for visiting!