Hi I’m Stephanie – introvert, geek and the goldsmith behind Calithien Jewellery.  I design wonderfully whimsical pieces for people like you who:

  • Love fantasy and fairy tales
  • March to the beat of their own delightful drum
  • Prioritize comfort and quality in the jewellery they wear
  • Prefer handcrafted, small batch artisanal jewellery

 Meet the maker behind Calithien Jewellery

My journey into jewellery making began when I stumbled upon chain maille jewellery and was enchanted by the romantic idea of wearing chain maille, like the knights of old.  However, my imagination quickly grew past it. I found myself wanting to create pieces well beyond the scope of my skills.  It was like being immersed in a good story, but not yet at the best part.

I longed to bring those imaginative designs to life.

So, I went back to school, earning a diploma in Jewellery and Metals, and then a post-graduate year in Goldsmithing, both at Georgian College. Each year, I won several awards.

In 2016, Calithien Jewellery was born.  It has evolved over the past few years, but the values behind it remain the same:

Jewellery is meant to be worn.

We’ve all been there, with earrings shoved into the bottom of a purse because they were too heavy, or rings that itched and irritated, until they stayed in your jewellery box.  Good jewellery should be comfortable.

Each piece I make is thoughtfully designed and crafted with comfort in mind.  I love it when my customers gush about how much they adore wearing my designs. When they tell me they can happily wear it all day, that’s the highest compliment.

Jewellery should be made to last.

None of this “I wore it once and it fell apart” stuff.  Every piece that I make is made from responsibly sourced, high quality precious metals and gemstones.  A trained goldsmith (me) uses a combination of traditional and modern goldsmithing techniques to bring my designs to life.  If a piece isn’t up to snuff, it doesn’t leave my bench.  Period.

Fun fact: Some of the pieces I wear myself were good enough to be worn, but didn’t pass muster to sell.  I save all the best ones for you.

Imagination and creativity are key to all of my designs.

Inspiration is everywhere. My love of fantasy ensures that new ideas arrive through enchanted glasses.

Wear a little bit of magic.  It’ll be there, close to you. You just have to believe.

Are you ready? 

Fire up your imagination, and head over to my shop today.