I've been there: standing in a jewellery store, staring at rows of mass-produced pieces that all look the same - with nothing fun or fanciful that catches the eye. 

Do you know what I mean?

It’s why I now create whimsical and nature-inspired jewellery: so you can wear a piece of your own wonderfully enchanted world wherever your next adventure leads.


Calithien [kal-ith-ee-en] Jewellery’s timeless, whimsical aesthetic goes beyond the realm of the ordinary. My creative, captivating pieces encompass both ready-to-wear and custom-made. I hand make each of my unique designs in southern Ontario from carefully-selected and sourced high-quality materials. Each distinct, creative piece reflects my love for the fantastic and the extraordinary beauty of nature that I share with my customers.

Calithien Nature Lover



Every heirloom-worthy piece is individually handcrafted from precious metals and carefully selected gemstones.  I understand that quality is as important to you as it is to me.  You can wear my jewellery with confidence that it was made well and will last.


I make every effort to ensure that the precious metals and gemstones I use are from reputable and responsible sources.  Whenever possible, I recycle, and I use non-toxic products during the production process. 

Calithien ships across Canada and the US.  Every order is packed with care, using recyclable or re-useable packaging.

I also donate a portion of each sale to One Tree Planted, as well as to local wildlife rescues. Like you, I care about my impact on the planet, and do what I can to mitigate my footprint on the natural world.


Imagination is at the heart of all of my designs.  Inspiration can be found in the pages of a beloved fantasy novel, in the beauty of a flower, or walking through the trees, listening to the wind whisper secrets in my ears.  Every single piece I make, I do so with you in mind, knowing that you value creativity and imagination as much as I do.

 Meet our designer and goldsmith


I’m Stephanie.

I’m a Canadian jewellery designer, goldsmith and creative thinker with a passion for making delicate whimsical wonders of wearable art from precious metals and gemstones. 

My journey into jewellery making began when I was exactly where you are – unable to find jewellery that reflected me, and the endless enchanted world that lives in my imagination.  While drifting between careers, I stumbled upon jewellery-making and found a new passion. As I researched, I discovered what the masters could do with this ancient marriage between art and craft. To make what I really wanted, I needed to learn more.

I went back to school, earning a diploma in Jewellery and Metals. I then did a post-graduate year in Goldsmithing, both at Georgian College, and finished each year by winning several academic awards.

In 2016, I launched Calithien Jewellery, designing high-quality jewellery for people like me, who want pieces that reflect their personality, creativity, and imagination.

Like any good story, Calithien continues to evolve, finding new ways to help bring you a touch of magic you can wear.

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