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Meet Stephanie: Artisan of Enchantment

Greetings, kindred spirit! I'm Stephanie – a quiet observer, a lover of fantastical realms, and the magic-wielding chief alchemist (aka Goldsmith) behind Calithien Jewellery. 

Here's a glimpse into what makes Calithien Jewellery enchantingly unique:

🪄 Embracing Imagination 🪄

If you've ever dreamt of fairy wings glimmering in the moonlight or pictured dragons in the sky, you're in the right place. Calithien aims to open a portal to the worlds we hold dear, where fantasy and reality intertwine in dazzling harmony.

🪄 Marching to Melodies 🪄

If you find joy in dancing through life to your own tunes, not following the crowd, you will find designs here that resonate with the whimsy in your soul.

🪄 Crafting Comfort and Dreams 🪄

Jewelry should be a comforting embrace. The pieces you wear should carry the soothing touch of quality craftsmanship. Every creation that leaves my hands is designed for comfort and lasting beauty.

🪄 Artisanal Alchemy 🪄

In a world of mass production, there's magic in the handcrafted. Calithien Jewellery is born from the fires of imagination and forged with care, transcending the mundane. My small batch wonders will speak to your heart and compliment your unique style.

 Meet the maker behind Calithien Jewellery

Step into a world where imagination takes form, where every piece of jewelry whispers tales of fantasy and wonder. Let me share with you the tale of the creation of Calithien Jewellery:

My journey into the realm of jewellery making began when I stumbled upon an unexpected discovery - chain maille jewellery. Yet my heart yearned to create pieces that were beyond my skills.

Determined to give life to my visions, I set off on a journey of learning and earning a diploma in Jewellery and Metals, followed by a year of post-graduate studies in the art of Goldsmithing, all at the esteemed Georgian College.

In the year 2016, Calithien Jewellery came into being.  As the years have woven the tapestry, the picture has changed but the values behind it remain unaltered:

🦄 Comfort Unbridled 🦄

Each piece is a symphony of thoughtful design. No more itching, no uncomfortable weight -- just the gentle embrace of jewelry that becomes a part of you. I find joy in the whispers of my customers, sharing tales of wearing my creations all day, their spirits dancing in delight.

🐉 Crafted to Endure 🐉

Imagine a world where every piece is a testament to the beauty of longevity. I source only the most precious of metals and gemstones, creating with care, using techniques both age-old and modern. If it doesn't meet my goldsmith's discerning eye, it simply doesn't leave my workshop.

🌟 From Imagination to Reality 🌟

A sprinkle of fantasy, a touch of magic – these are the ingredients to my designs. Every piece is conjured from a very active imagination. Be it the twinkle of fairies or the roar of dragons, each creation is meant to enchant, inspired by the world unseen.

So, wanderer of dreams, I invite you to explore the realm of Calithien Jewellery. Welcome to a world where jewelry is more than metal and stones – it's an invitation to embrace the extraordinary.

Explore the shop. Let your imagination take flight.