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Article: My Storybook Jewellery Process - Plus Fun Bonuses

My Storybook Jewellery Process - Plus Fun Bonuses

My Storybook Jewellery Process - Plus Fun Bonuses

Today I wanted to share a bit of my creative process.

You may be wondering: How does she dream up ideas for her jewellery?

For me, it depends on which collection you’re asking about.  Today, it’s all about the Storybook jewellery collection.

The ideas for these pieces actually came to me while I was still in school, and needed a theme for a project.

I’ve always loved fairy tales, myths and legends, so it was a no- brainer to transform that love into storybook jewellery.

The result…

…fun, playful pieces like ‘Your Lilly Pad or Mine’, ‘One Minute to Midnight’, and ‘I Am Fire’.

Perfect for people who love myths, legends and fairy tales.

As a bonus (and because I’m feeling a bit silly this morning), here’s some short stories that I wrote for a few of the pieces in the Storybook Collection.

After all, every piece of jewellery should have a good story.  (wink)


 Frog Prince Necklace

 "My lily pad or yours?" The frog winked.

She glanced down at the small amphibian lounging on a lily pad at the edge of the pond.  "Excuse me?" Had she heard that correctly?  She was still stuck on the fact that a frog was talking. To her.  And flirting outrageously!

Sure, he had a crown.  That counted for something.  What, she wasn't sure, but something.

The frog's smile grew.

Had she stumbled into a bizarre fairy tale? Mom had said she'd have to kiss a lot of frogs to find her prince.  Surely, this wasn't what her mother meant.



 Cinderella Slipper Pendant

Hi all.  Cinderella here.  Enchanted objects sound so wonderful at the beginning.  Take my shoe for example, the catalyst to my happily ever after.  It's almost a year since my marriage to Prince Charming, but does the shoe know that?


I don't wear my glass slippers often.  For one, they're made of glass. Not the most comfortable material. Plus, they don't have the best traction on our gorgeous marble floors. So I usually leave them in my closet, reserved for special occasions only. However, they never stay where I put them.

They're enchanted for my Prince to find, so that's what they do. They appear in the most unlikely of places.... sitting on his favourite hat, stuffed under a pillow. His manservant even found one tucked into his underwear drawer!  The novelty wore off long ago.

I'm seriously considering having the fairy godmother shrink them, so they can be tethered on a chain.

"You may wonder why I'm here with these swords." The dragon gestured to either side before unveiling a distinctly toothy grin. "Or perhaps you'd like to know what happened to the knights." 

The dragon curled its long, scaled tail around its legs and settled its wings, as content as a house cat lounging in a beam of sunlight. "Perhaps, I should begin with the meaning of the two crossed swords pointing downward. It means the battle's over. Done. Finished. And it's true. The battle is ended and the knights are gone...mostly." The dragon's grin grew wider, in a way that was both mischievous and just a little smug. "I'm still picking armor from my teeth, but swords make handy toothpicks." 



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