A Night Out in Style


Inspired by the Toronto International Film Festival that was celebrated recently,  I decided to make my first ever fashion mood board.

What says more glitzy glam than dressing for one night like you're the one walking the red carpet? 

This simple understated ensemble is what I would choose for a fancy night out.  No frills, no glitter - just pure, elegant lines. 

And the ability to easily transition from warm autumn days, to chilly autumn nights.

Plus it pairs beautifully with Calithien's Natural Blue and Gold Tiger Eye Necklace.

Did you know that Hawk's Eye is the name given to Blue Tiger Eye?  Cool huh?

Metaphysically, Hawk's Eye is believed to bring focus and help attract money, while preventing it's wearer from going wild and overspending on unneeded items.

Which is why I thought this Natural Blue and Gold Tiger Eye Necklace was the perfect accessory for a glam night out!

It draws eyeballs and gains compliments wherever it goes, and can't fail to do so in this setting.




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