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Article: Holiday Top 3 Jewellery Round Up

Holiday Top 3 Jewellery Round Up

Holiday Top 3 Jewellery Round Up

With the holiday season inching ever closer, and pumpkin spiced everything slowly giving way to candy canes and eggnog, it got me thinking…

With supply issues and warnings of product shortages complicating things this year, it is a great time to support small businesses like Caltihien Jewellery.  All my pieces are Made in Canada!  Woot woot.  Meaning that the supply issues/ shortages affect my business less than the big box stores.

So, I decided to help out and compile a list of my top 3 pieces for this holiday season.


White Sapphire Snowflake Stud Earrings

  1. Snowflake Earrings

To start this list off with a flurry… Snowflake earrings.

You can’t have the holiday season, especially here in Canada, without snow.  In fact, we’ve already had our first snowfall of 2021! 

However, there’s no denying that snow can be extraordinarily beautiful.  It sparkles in light, frosts leaves, fences and trees – transforming them into mesmerizing frosty wonders, and transforms the world into a winter wonderland.

That is the joyous feeling I wanted to capture in these snowflake earrings, and their sensational seasonal sparkle is why they made the top 3.

 Lacey Green Faceted Pearl Drop Earrings

  1. Green Faceted Pearl Earrings

Next, are what I affectionately think of as my ‘Christmas Ball Earrings’.

Shining, sparkling faceted green pearl balls framed top and bottom with lacey fringes of silver.

They remind me of the beautiful ornaments hanging from evergreen trees, sparkling next to the tinsel and lights.

These gorgeous earrings are my favourites and my go to for the holidays.  I have had people compliment me on them and ask where I got them (guess what I told them lol).

Best of all you can dress them up, dress them down and they still look amazing.  Plus they are light and super-comfy to wear.

Holiday party win!



  1. Pearl Sets

Rounding out my top 3 are my pearl sets.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what says ‘holiday’ about these sets…

…on the surface, not much really.  However, they make amazing gifts.

The pearl studs are just the right size to sit on your ear and be noticeable, without falling forward or pulling down, as larger pearl earrings are wont to do.

And instead of a string of pearls, the necklace is a matching, modern single pearl drop.

For those with two daughters (or granddaughters, nieces, etc) with very similar tastes, the different colours mean they can each be given their own set without feeling like they got the same thing as the other.

These pearl sets make great gifts for women who like to wear simpler, more classically understated jewellery as well.

So as gifts go, you can’t beat these sets.


There you have it. My holiday top 3 round up for 2021.

As a last word of advice… for the best selection and to avoid disappointment, get your holiday shopping in early.

And if you want to see my jewellery in person, check out my ‘Where to Find Us’ page to see where I’ll be this holiday season.


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