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Ursa Major, our biggest bear, represents the majestic beauty of the north. Our bear is molded in sterling silver and filled with gemstone using a technique called 'crushed stone inlay,' in which gemstone is ground into small pieces, packed tightly into the frame, and secured with a chemical bonding agent especially formulated for this use. The stone is then hand-ground and polished to create the finished piece.


Our Ursa Major showpiece is packed with sodalite, amazonite, amethyst, and a tiny surprise. Imbedded in the big arctic sky. directly above the rightmost tree, is a small solid chunk of labradorite that adds a subtle iridescent flash whenever the bear moves, making this truly a unique piece.


Canada produces a wealth of gemstones, including all those found in our Ursa Major:

The 'princess blue' of sodalite is named after Princess Margaret, who loved the distinctive deep colour. In gemstone lore, sodalite is known as the "Poet's stone" and promotes truth, peace, and camaraderie.

Despite its misleading name, Amazonite does not come from the Amazon. It's been used as an amulet and gemstone for thousands of years and has been found in Egyptian tombs, including that of King Tutankhamun. In gem lore, amazonite is seen as a balancing stone, reducing stress and increasing focus and creativity.

Amethyst, a gemstone long associated with royalty, is another gem with ancient roots. It's long been seen as a stone of protection. with a calming influence.

Truly appropriate for this piece, the ancient Inuit saw in the shimmering blues and greens of labradorite a reflection of the Northern Lights.

From nose to back foot, Ursa Major measures 1 7/8 inches (48mm) and stands almost an inch tall (23mm). This spectacular piece is attached to 18 inches (46 cm) of sterling silver chain.

Front view of large sterling silver bear pendant with tree accents and crushed gemstone inlay
Ursa Major Pendant (Sodalite, Amazonite, Amethyst, & Labradorite) Sale price$340.00 CAD