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Discover your whimsical side with our magical Spotty Mushroom Pendant. 


Get ready to dance with delight!  Our Spotty Mushroom Pendant is a magical treasure that promises to add an extra dose of playfulness to your everyday life.

Why It's Truly Enchanting:

  • Crafted with Care: This pendant is meticulously crafted, ensuring it's as comfortable as it is enchanting.
  •  For All Your Adventures: From carefree strolls to those unforgettable moments, this pendant is your sidekick for celebrating life's extraordinary moments.
  • Quality Materials: Made from sterling silver, and vibrant, jewellery-grade enamel.  It's on an 18 inch sterling silver rolo chain (if you'd like it on a shorter or longer chain, please contact us.  We're happy to help.)


Perfect for the Fairy and Mushroom Enthusiast in You: If your heart dances to the rhythm of fairy wings and the charm of mushrooms, this dainty treasure is calling your name. It's your personal invitation to a world where even the simplest moments are sprinkled with enchantment.

Elevate your day with our Spotty Mushroom Pendant and let your unique style shine with a dash of fairy magic.

Spotty Mushroom Pendant
Spotty Mushroom Pendant Sale price$72.00 CAD