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This inspiring acorn necklace makes a great gift for both men and women who love to relax under a thick canopy of verdant leaves; listening to the trees quietly whisper to each other in the gentle breeze. 

It is the perfect piece of nature inspired jewellery for nature lovers, hikers, druids and those who dearly love the majesty of the oak tree. 

Acorns symbolize strength, perseverance, patience and a partnership with the strength to endure; making this silver acorn necklace a perfect gift for someone special in your life. 

It also makes a great gift for National Arbor Day and National Hiking Day.

How it is made:

Material: Sterling Silver

Technique: It was molded from a real acorn to make a wax copy which is then cast in sterling silver.

Every effort is made in the creation of this acorn necklace to preserve the natural texture of the original acorn - immortalizing the original in sterling silver. 

The natural texture in the acorn's cap provides a stunning counter point to the high polished silver nut below.

Chain:  The acorn necklace hangs from a sterling silver rolo chain - chosen for its timeless beauty, durability and comfort.

Size: The actual silver acorn measures 0.6 inches (1.5cm) x 0.5 inches (1.3cm)

Look: A faithful replica of a real acorn with detail visible on every side.

Handmade by a trained goldsmith with great attention to detail paid to every aspect involved in the creation of this timeless piece. 


Silver Acorn Necklace
Silver Acorn Necklace Sale price$232.00 CAD