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The seahorse is noted for patience and persistence, but can also be full of surprises. It can remain steadfast, even when buffeted by strong currents, but might also head off in new directions, persuing opportunities that others miss. Our seahorse is paired with an agate patterned in seaweed-like swirls of sand and bluish-gray. Agate symbolizes stabily and is  meant to improve focus and concentration. This unique piece also features a goldfish cutout on the back. The goldfish is a traditional symbol wishing the bearer good fortune.

The seahorse and scallop-edged bezel are hand-cut and formed. All metal, including the chain, is solid sterling silver. Agate has been used as a gemstone since the time of the ancient Greeks.

The seahorse, bezel setting and rolo chain are all sterling silver.

Front view of sterling silver agate pendant with seahorse and fish accents
Seahorse on Red Agate Sale price$212.00 CAD