Round Periwinkle Seashell Stud Earrings

$64.00 USD

This gorgeous pair of silver periwinkle seashell stud earrings are the perfect pieces for ocean lovers, and beach combers.

They make a stunning gift for women who love to spend their days by the seaside, listening to the dull roar of the waves and soaking up the warm sun.

 They’re also the perfect nature inspired jewellery present for women and girls who spend their time on the beach, the dock or in a boat.

Periwinkles remind us to slow down, to make time for the things that matter, but also to live in the moment and enjoy each day as it comes.

How it is made:

Materials: Sterling Silver

Technique: These stunning silver periwinkle seashell stud earrings were made using a technique called Lost Wax Casting.  They were actually molded from real periwinkle shells before being cast into silver. A technique that takes time, skill and patience.

Posts: Both posts and butterflies are made of sterling silver.

Look: Adorable and imaginative, these silver periwinkle seashells are subtle yet imaginative – creating a beyond the normal style.

Size: These tiny silver seashells measure just over 1/4 inch tall (8 mm) in diameter.

Handmade in our Canadian studio by a trained goldsmith with great attention to detail paid to every aspect involved in the creation of these timeless pieces. 

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