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When we think of Cinderella, we recall her unwavering kindness, but we shouldn't forget her bravery. She walked alone, into a room filled with her world's most powerful people, including some who could expose her. Even with all eyes on her, she never wavered

Our version of her iconic slipper is cast in solid sterling silver, sparkling in high polish and set with a lab-grown blue sapphire.

Slipper measures approx 17 mm long and high, 8 mm thick (2/3 inch high and long, 1/3 inch wide)

The 18 inch cable chain is solid sterling silver

Lab-grown sapphires are true sapphires grown in a lab instead of inside the earth. The eco-friendly option, they provide good color and clarity at an affordable price.


Front view of sterling silver cinderella's slipper pendant with blue sapphire
One Minute to Midnight Pendant Sale price$170.00 CAD