Moss Agate Leaf Inlay Pendant

$188.00 CAD
Natural moss agate is used in this pendant.  Your pendant may look slightly different from the one pictured due to the natural variations in the gemstone.

This stunning leaf necklace makes a great gift for women who love to garden, or relax under the forest canopy; listening to the trees quietly whisper to each other in the gentle breeze. 

It is the perfect piece of nature inspired jewellery for nature lovers, hikers, gardeners or campers. 

The leaf symbolizes the cycle of rebirth and renewal as well as growth, hope and connection to community.  It is the perfect shape to house moss agate – a gemstone associated with gardeners. 

Moss agate is a gemstone for new beginnings, it is believed to be a balm for the soul, to aid in attracting new wealth and new possibilities.

This gorgeous piece of moss agate jewellery is exposed on both sides, letting the gemstone rest directly on your skin when you wear this necklace.  

The open setting also allows light to pass through the moss agate pendant, highlighting its natural beauty.

It also makes a stunning gift for wiccans, witches, or for someone special on National Arbor Day, or National Love a Tree Day.

The stone in this necklace has been treated with a clear resin as part of the inlay process.  This colourless resin serves to increase the durability of the stone without affecting its appearance in any way.


How it is made:

Materials: Sterling Silver and Moss Agate

Technique: This lovely piece of moss agate jewellery was made by inlaying the gemstone directly into a sterling silver frame.  A technique that takes time, skill and patience.

Chain:  The moss agate leaf pendant hangs from a sterling silver rolo chain - chosen for its timeless beauty, durability and comfort.

Size: The actual moss agate inlaid leaf measures 1.5 inches long (40mm) and half an inch (12mm) wide.

Look: Gorgeous detail within the natural moss agate gemstone in visible within this pendant, especially when held up to the light.

Handmade in our Canadian studio by a trained goldsmith with great attention to detail paid to every aspect involved in the creation of this timeless piece. 

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