Hawk's Eye/Tiger's Eye Pendant

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Tiger's Eye has adorned the statues of ancient Egyptian deities and been carried into battle by Roman soldiers. In traditional lore, it's viewed as a stone of protection, courage, and good fortune.

Hawkseye, the blue form of the gemstone, adds focus and creativity and is sometimes worn by those who fear flying.  Hawkseye is a pseudomorphic gemstone, which means it changes over time--to Tiger's Eye. In this piece, we've captured and frozen the change in mid-transition, displaying shimmering bands of both blue and gold.

Our freeform pendant is framed in sterling silver. It features a diving whale silhouette on the back and hangs on a 20 inch (50 cm) square snake chain of sterling silver. The pendant is roughly 1 1/2 inches (36mm) long and 7/8 inch (23mm) wide.

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