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One of a kind – we will never have another piece exactly like it.


A simply stunning piece - perfect for a night on the town for the woman who loves the ocean. 

The natural swirling colour between the blue and golden tiger eye varieties in this necklace is reminiscent of sunlight shining through calm turquoise water in the Caribbean.

This natural blue and gold tiger eye necklace also holds a secret…

… on the back, the gorgeous gemstone is visible through a pierced silhouette of a humpback whale.

It makes a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind anniversary gift for your special someone, and is sure to gain them compliments whenever they wear it.

In traditional lore, Tiger Eye was seen as a stone of protection, courage and good fortune.  While, it’s blue form – known as Hawk’s Eye – was believed to add focus and creativity.

How it is made:

Materials: Sterling Silver, and Hawk’s Eye/ Tiger Eye

Technique: This lovely piece of jewellery was made by hand cutting and setting a Hawk’s Eye/ Tiger Eye gemstone cabochon into a sterling silver frame.  A technique that takes time, skill and patience.

Chain:  This Natural Blue and Gold Tiger Eye Necklace hangs from a 20 inch sterling silver snake chain - chosen for its timeless beauty, durability and comfort.

Size: The actual Blue Tiger Eye pendant measures 1 1/2 inches (36mm) long and 7/8 inch (23mm) wide.

Look: Gorgeous interplay between the blue and gold in the natural tiger eye cabochon set in sterling silver, creating a timeless, jaw-dropping, elegant look.

Handmade in our Canadian studio by a trained goldsmith with great attention to detail paid to every aspect involved in the creation of this timeless piece.