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We've named this celestial bear in honour of Ursa Minor, the Lesser Bear constellation, also known as the Little Dipper. It resides in the northern sky and also marks the location of the celestial north pole.

Our bear is molded in sterling silver and filled with gemstone using a technique called 'crushed stone inlay,' in which gemstone is ground into small pieces, packed tightly into the frame, and secured with a chemical bonding agent especially formulated for this use. The stone is then ground smooth and polished to create the finished piece. Our Ursa minor bear is packed with lapis lazuli and pink amazonite, to create the effect of an arctic sunrise.

The oldest commercial mines in the world produce lapis lazuli. In the ancient world, it was used for everything from the jewelry worn by kings to special seals and sacred relics. Michelangelo used lapis lazuli to paint the Sistine Chapel. Today, it's seen as a gemstone that conveys wisdom, love and healing. Some believe it promotes psychic ability.

Amazonite is another ancient gemstone. It's been found in archeological digs in Egypt and Mesopotamia. It's known as the stone of truth, the stone of courage, and the stone of friendship.

Our Ursa Minor features a sterling silver tree in the foreground and is 1 1/4 inches from nose to back foot (30mm). It's 5/8 of an inch tall (15mm) and hangs on an 18 inch (46mm) sterling silver chain.

The stone in this necklace has been treated with a clear resin as part of the inlay process.  This colourless resin serves to increase the durability of the stone.

Front view of medium sterling silver bear pendant with tree accent and crushed gemstone inlay
Ursa Minor Pendant - Lapis Lazuli & Pink Amazonite Sale price$207.00 CAD