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This inspiring sterling silver polar bear silhouette necklace makes a great gift for bear lovers.

It is the perfect piece of nature inspired jewellery for nature lovers, people who enjoy the great white north, and bear lovers. 

The inspiration for its name, can be found in the beautiful blue, yellow and green shimmers that play across the face of the Labradorite stone beads inset into the necklace’s chain.  They resemble the beautiful Aurora Borealis.

To many, the bear is a symbol of strength, protection and peace.  It tells us to slow down, think deeply, and observe the life around us, so that if we do need to act, it is possible to do so at the right moment.  The bear reminds us to growl at adversity, to love powerfully, and be strong in times of need.

Kind of perfect, don't you think?

This bear silhouette necklace also makes a great gift for World Wildlife Day and National Hiking Day.

How it is made:

Material: Sterling Silver and Labradorite beads

Technique: The sterling silver bear silhouette necklace was hand pierced (cut) from a solid sheet of sterling silver.

Chain:  The polar bear silhouette necklace hangs from a sterling silver rolo chain with labradorite stone beads inset into the chain - chosen for its timeless beauty, durability and comfort.

Size: The actual silver bear measures 7/8 of an inch (23mm) nose to tail, and is roughly 1/2 an inch (12mm) tall

Look: A sweet polar bear silhouette necklace perfect for bear lovers.

Handmade by a trained goldsmith with great attention to detail paid to every aspect involved in the creation of this timeless piece.