Hi, I’m Stephanie!

Jewellery should be personal. I design and make all my jewellery, one piece at a time, using precious metals and gemstones. I aim for jewellery that is comfortable to wear and fits neatly into a woman’s life, while also reflecting her personality and individuality. 

I firmly believe that although your jewellery fits in a box, you shouldn’t have to!


My pieces were made for women, just like you, who…

  • Are trend-setters and love jewellery that has an artisan flair
  • See jewellery as a way to express, and feel seen as, their beautiful, authentic selves
  • Are lovers of fine craftsmanship and quality materials
  • Appreciate the time, skill and knowledge that goes into each and every piece they wear


 Inspire me!


Here’s my story:

Have you ever had something you wanted, something you’d worked for, just not happen? I originally pursued a career in science. When that avenue closed, I looked for new ways to be challenged and inspired.

That’s where my love of crafting jewellery began.

If you’re like me, always wanting to learn new things and to challenge yourself, you’ll understand why the usual options weren’t enough. I wanted to imagine and design my own unique pieces, using advanced techniques. For that, I needed knowledge and training.  In 2016, I enrolled in Georgian College’s Jewellery & Metals program, where I graduated at the top of my class. I followed it with a post-graduate Goldsmithing program, and then worked for a jeweller while I refined my skills.

Learning and working hard

I absolutely love what I do now. Even with all the challenges it presents (or possibly because of them), I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I create my stock designs in sterling silver and gemstones, with gold by special order. I also cut my own gemstones for inlay and for cabochons. And about those challenges…? I still love learning and challenging myself, so my designs incorporate many different advanced jewellery techniques. Of course, I make every piece myself, by hand. My design inspiration comes from many places—the natural world, classic design, history, even from stories.  I’m always developing new pieces and many of my designs are one of a kind.

I design handmade, heirloom-quality jewellery for people like you, the woman who wants her jewellery to reflect elegance and sophistication, but with a unique twist that tells the world you’re someone worth knowing.

Each of my collections is full of unique pieces that incorporate many different designs and techniques. Because I use real gemstones with unique and varying patterns, many of my pieces are one of a kind. Every year, I introduce new items to my existing collections and occasionally, I’ll introduce a whole new collection. Check out my newest releases here.


My studio space