How to Care for Gemstones in Jewellery

Did you know that when it comes to keeping your gemstone jewellery looking nice: the enemy of gemstone jewellery is often itself.
Gemstones are hard, but they’re not all the same hardness. Some can scratch others and many can scratch silver and gold.  For example, only diamond is harder than the sapphire in our One Minute to Midnight pendant.
Some gemstones can’t handle high heat. A few will even fade if left too long in the sun.
If you’re not sure whether the gemstones in your pieces can handle it, it’s best to avoid steam cleaners and ultrasonics, even when they’re specified as being meant for jewellery. The same holds true for chemical jewellery cleaners. They may contain harsh chemicals that can damage some gemstones.
Most gemstones can safely be washed with a mild solution of dish soap and water. Be gentle, and use a soft brush, such as a soft, unused toothbrush. Hard scrubbing should be avoided, as it can damage the finish on your piece, and may loosen stone settings. Rinse the piece thoroughly, and pat it dry with a soft, absorbent cloth.  Make sure the piece is completely dry before putting it away.
IMPORTANT: Don’t wash your jewellery over the sink unless you have the plug securely in. Washing it in a small bowl is a much safer option.
If you aren’t sure which gemstone is in your piece, or what type of cleaning is safe, check with your local jeweler.
Each piece of fine jewellery should stored separately from other pieces.

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