Take Me Up, Cast Me Away--Stud Earrings

Take Me Up, Cast Me Away--Stud Earrings

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Legend has it these words are engraved on the sword Excalibur, with "Take Me Up" on one side and "Cast Me Away" on the other. The centuries-old story of Camelot inspires us to see, not only a story about friendship, commitment, and sacrifice, but also that there's a time to take up the sword and a time when wisdom would see it cast away.

Each sword measures 16mm long, 6 mm wide, 3 mm thick. (0.6 inches long, 0.2 inches wide,and 0.1 inch thick)

Each sword is fabricated and finished by hand.

All parts of each stud earring, including the earwire and butterfly earnut, are solid sterling silver

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