Sterling Silver Filigree Saddle Ring

$184.00 CAD

A stunning sterling silver filigree ring that makes a wonderful gift for someone who loves to wear boldly classic jewellery with understated elegance. 

It is a gorgeous ring that embodies old-world charm and is sure to get noticed everywhere you wear it.

This spectacular sterling silver filigree ring may look delicate, but it is tougher than it looks.  You can wear it with confidence day after day.

The swirls of fine silver filigree wire contrast beautifully with the open space with the frame to create a truly unique piece of modern filigree jewellery.

This sterling silver filigree saddle ring makes a stunning gift for Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Graduation. 

How it is made:

Materials: Sterling Silver, and Fine Silver

Technique: This lovely piece of filigree jewellery was made by placing tiny fine silver curls into sterling silver frames.  A technique that takes time, skill and patience.

Look: Gorgeous detail is visible within this lovely sterling silver filigree saddle ring, creating a timeless, elegant look.

Handmade in our Canadian studio by a trained goldsmith with great attention to detail paid to every aspect involved in the creation of this timeless piece. 

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