Leaf Inlay Earrings (Sodalite)

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Leaves are often seen as a symbol of hope, rebirth, and renewal.

Our lever-back sterling silver leaf inlay earrings are presented in a flowing shape that nicely frames the face.

This pair is cut from sodalite. A relative newcomer to the gemstone world, sodalite is fairly rare but is mined right here in Ontario. It's newness means there is little lore associated with it, but some call it the 'wisdom' stone. Opaque and known for its deep blue colour, sodalite was discovered in the 1800's. It was during that time that Princess Margaret of England was visiting Ontario and fell in love with the gemstone. She ordered it as interior decoration for "Marlborough House."  Sodalite from the Ontario mine is sometimes called "princess blue."

These gemstones are secured in a backless setting, with the sodalite visible from both the front and back.

The stone in these earrings has been treated with a clear resin as part of the inlay process.  This colourless resin serves to increase the durability of the stone.

All findings and frames are sterling silver.

Each gemstone leaf is roughly 1/2 inch  (12mm) long and 3/8 inch  (10mm) wide. Total length of each earring is 1 and 3/8 inches (35mm).

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