Jewelled Mushroom Pendant (Amethyst)

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According to Welsh folklore, the appearance of a fairy ring is an indication of an underground fairy village and a promise of good luck. Perhaps, a prosperous village that can afford to adorn its mushrooms with jewels. The Greeks believed amethysts could prevent intoxication. In medieval times, soldiers wore it as protection in battle. In the middle ages, it was associated with royalty.

This little pendant, cast in solid sterling silver, holds 7 faceted amethysts. No matter how it twists or turns, amethysts are always visible. These gemstones add a rich touch to our fairy magic with their colour and clarity.

 Our little mushroom is about ½ inch tall (12 mm) and ½ inch (12 mm) across the cap. It hangs on a delicate 18” sterling silver rolo chain.

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