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Graceful silver lines sweeping around your ear, accented with sweet dainty daisies glittering with fairy magic in the sun.

Our charm hoops add a fresh, whimsical twist to the simple elegance of the traditional hoop earring.  Worn alone, the hoops are stunning.  When you add a charm, your day gets that much more imaginative.  Have fun and be creative.

Charm Hoops

  • Hand crafted by a trained goldsmith
  • Hand shaped sterling silver hoop
  • ‘stopper’ end is hidden behind your earlobe when worn, making them appear to be full hoops
  • ‘stopper’ end keeps charms securely on earring when its being worn
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Sterling silver butterflies sold with hoops


Daisy Charms

  • Hand crafted by a trained goldsmith
  • Hand cut sterling silver flowers
  • 10k yellow gold balls in the centre of the flowers
  • Flower petals curve slightly inwards towards the centre of the flower
  • Sterling silver charm findings
  • Easy to put on hoops
  • Specifically created to go with our charm hoops
Silver Charm Hoops with Daisy Charms
Silver Charm Hoop Earrings Sale price$121.00 USD