Ocean Breeze Earrings

Ocean Breeze Earrings

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The design of these sterling silver earrings was inspired by dreams of warm, silvery winds playing over the crystal blue Carribean ocean. The azure agate and blue topaz beads seem to glow with a radiance that is all their own, while graceful bands of sterling silver swirl and eddy around them.

Each earring is handmade in our studio.

We form everything: from the earwires to the swirling silver cage around the agate bead.

Stone Lore for Blue Agate and Blue Topaz

Throughout history, people have attributed various properties to stones.

Blue Agate was thought to bring mental strength. Blue Topaz was thought to provide inner strength and balance. Together they were thought to help support their wearer’s self-confidence.

Whether or not you choose to believe the stone lore, well, that’s up to you…

These earrings are sold as a pair, and come with two plastic earring stoppers.

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