Foxtrot Stud Earrings (Sodalite)

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Known for its smooth elegance, the dance called the Foxtrot is also noted for its versatility. It has evolved to encompass a range of tempos and a wide variety of figures.

With those attributes in mind, we've designed our Foxtrot earrings in a smooth teardrop shape with a bright mirror finish and a slash of elegant gemstone colour. As versatile as the dance, they'll enhance casual attire, office dress, a night out, or a formal occasion.

In gemstone lore, sodalite is sometimes called the "Poet's Stone," and is noted for fostering camaraderie and enhancing communication. It's associated with truth, inner peace, and logic.

Our Foxtrot post earrings are sterling silver, including the posts and butterfly backs. They measure roughly 1 inch (25mm) top to bottom and 3/8 of an inch (10mm) across, at the widest point.

The stone in this necklace has been treated with a clear resin as part of the inlay process.  This colourless resin serves to increase the durability of the stone

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