Foxtrot Apatite Teardrop Earrings

$151.00 CAD
These stunning silver apatite teardrop earrings make a great gift for women who love to go with the flow.

They are the perfect pieces of modern art deco inspired jewellery for free-wheeling, independent women who love jewellery that’s as vibrant and unique as they are.

Apatite is believed to be a stone that decreases stress, increases focus and productivity, and makes us more aware of possibilities.

Making these the perfect earrings for smart, classy, independent women.

These foxtrot apatite teardrop earrings also make a stunning gift for someone special.

The stone in these gemstone earrings has been treated with a clear resin as part of the inlay process.  This colourless resin serves to increase the durability of the stone without affecting its appearance in any way.

  •  made using solid sterling silver and natural apatite gemstone
  • each teardrop earring measures 1 inch (25mm) by 3/8 of an inch (10mm)

Handmade in our Canadian studio by a trained goldsmith with great attention to detail paid to every aspect involved in the creation of these timeless pieces. 

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