Black Petrified Wood Cufflinks

Black Petrified Wood Cufflinks

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Made of black petrified wood set in sterling silver, these cufflinks are perfect to add a bit of dramatic flair to your formal wear.

Each cufflink measures 1.8cm across the face and has a toggle back. To put the size in perspective, the face on each of these cufflinks is about the size of a dime. All metal is sterling silver.


Petrified wood, put simply, is part of an ancient tree that has been turned into stone - it is a 3 dimensional fossil. It is formed when the wood is buried under layers of sediment that keep oxygen out (this helps preserve the organic components until they can be transformed). Minerals in ground water bind to the plant's cells, replacing organic with inorganic. If the organic matter lasts long enough to be completely petrified (replaced with minerals), then the result is a 3D stone replica of the original, though often much more colourful. (Source:

Sold as a pair.

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