Amethyst Jewelled Mushroom Necklace

$272.00 CAD

This gorgeous jewelled mushroom necklace is the perfect piece for mushroom lovers, microbiologists, fairy lovers, and hobbits.

It makes a stunning gift for women who love to go on mushroom nature walks and are entranced by the many and varied forms that grow under the canopy.

 It’s also the perfect present for women and girls who spend their time in the woods searching for fairies and fairy rings.

In fact, according to Welsh folklore, the appearance of a fairy ring is an indication of an underground fairy village and a promise of good luck.

Adorned with 7 round faceted amethyst gemstones, this toadstool mushroom necklace makes an imaginative and thoughtful birthday, Christmas or graduation gift for the lover of fantasy and mystery in your life.

Set into the mushroom’s cap, the amethyst ‘spots’ are spread out so no matter how the necklace moves, some of the amethysts are always visible, adding a touch of fairy magic.

How it is made:

Materials: Sterling Silver, and Amethyst

Technique: This stunning jewelled toadstool mushroom necklace was made using a technique called Lost Wax Casting.  The brilliant amethyst gemstones are hand set in the cap.  Both techniques take time, skill and patience.

Chain: This lovely mushroom necklace hangs on a sterling silver rolo chain – chosen for its beauty, durability and comfort.

Look: Adorable and imaginative, this jewelled mushroom is subtle yet imaginative – creating a beyond the normal style.

Size: The jewelled toadstool mushroom is ½ inch tall (12 mm) and ½ inch (12 mm) across the cap.

Handmade in our Canadian studio by a trained goldsmith with great attention to detail paid to every aspect involved in the creation of this timeless piece. 

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